A mineral, vitamin, supplement feed business serving the Western US
Pacific Elements produces concentrated premixes for the dairy industry
3220 W. Monte Vista Ave #330, Turlock, CA 95380

about pacific elements

at pacific elements, we love our jobs.

Hands on management teamAfter identifying a clear need for excellent products and services within the custom vitamin, mineral and premixing industry, the family backed and managed team behind Pacific Elements seized the moment and founded the company in 2004. As industry insiders with decades of experience draw from, the management team at Pacific Elements dismissed the tired concept that "big is best" and committed themselves to serving the market and clientele they know and understand.

The hard working team at Pacific Elements represents a group of professionals that share a common belief that every customer has the right to competitive pricing, excellent service and products that are created and manufactured to the meticulous and exacting specifications of a industry nutritionist.

Pacific Elements delivers tremendous value, product consistency and dedicated service.

responsive to the industry

Giving back to the dairy and beef industryThe team at Pacific Elements spend every day working within the vitamin, mineral and premixing industry. And as a leader in the field, we continuously strive to raise the bar—its simply good business.

Seeing a training and educational void that had not been filled in over a decade, Pacific Elements took the lead and co-sponsored more than six sessions for over 100 like-minded industry professionals. Serving animal nutritionists, feed mill managers with sessions throughout the West coast, Pacific Elements remains dedicated to the ideals and benefits of continuous education. Looking forward, planned sessions will cover "ingredient hedging" to benefit its clientele in their total feed procurement and commodity marketing efforts.

transparent as a culture. communicating with the industry

One of our features as a company is the "flat" management structure allows our key managers and owners to communicate directly with our customers. Unprecedented throughout most of the vitamin, mineral and premixing industry, half of the Pacific Elements ownership team are a part of our day-to-day operations thus affording our entire team with a complete, realistic and practical understanding of our clients needs.

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